Exhibition Tour

Our Exhibition Gallery space is currently closed as we prepare for a new Exhibition, date TBA.

In the interim, please enjoy a video tour (above) from the exceptional Art, Craft & Design Exhibition, held in 2020.  We are sure you will enjoy seeing the work of our craftsmen. We will update our website with news of a new exhibition once the information becomes available.  Thank you.

Awards were presented to eighteen of the participants for excellence in particular categories.  The list of award winners may be found HERE.

You will find a listing of all 2020 Art, Craft & Design Exhibition participants below.  Our thanks go out to them for their participation with these inspirational pieces.

(Some of our juried members, while juried in more than one media area as indicated below, participated in the Exhibition with just one of their mediums – Tarja Cockell showed Decorative Fiber; Kate Kilgus showed Wearable Fiber; Denise Kirk showed Photography: Ann Peck showed Wearable Fiber and Wen Redmond showed Decorative Fiber.)

Our thanks also to the members of the League’s Exhibition Gallery and Museum Committee who installed this Exhibition:  Norman Babineau (Chair), Claude Dupuis, Kathleen Dustin, Catherine Green, Inge Eddy, Lauren vonDuyke Dadmun and Kenneth Fairchild.

Exhibition Artists

  • Sharon Dugan
  • Peggy Thrasher
  • Adele Sanborn
  • Sarah Burns
  • Loring Cheney
  • Sheilagh Flynn
  • Andy Hampton
  • Kathy Hanson
  • Wendy Jackson
  • Al Jaeger
  • Naomi Lindenfeld
  • Laurel MacDuffie
  • Irina Okula
  • Connie Turin
  • Lars Turin
  • Lauren vonDuyke-Dadmun
  • Richard Wetterer
  • Grace Pejouhy and Evan Williams
Fiber - Wearable
  • Tarja Cockell
  • Kate Kilgus
  • Denise Kirk
  • Sarah Lynn
  • Melissa McKeagney
  • Ann Peck
  • Wen Redmond
  • Nancy E Adams
  • Jane Balshaw
  • Misty Batchelder
  • Tarja Cockell
  • Heidi Edwards Dunn
  • Kate Kilgus
  • Denise Kirk
  • Sarah Lynn
  • Cheryl Miller
  • Ann Peck
  • Erica Pfister
  • Suzanne Pretty
  • Wen Redmond
  • Marcy Schepker
  • Jocelyn Brown
  • Lynn Haust
  • Diane Louise Paul
  • Payne and Elise Junker
  • Paulette J Werger
Metal Jewelry
  • Michele Lee
  • Tom McGurrin
  • Barbara McLaughlin
  • Susan Mulvey
  • Orin Pacht
  • Linda Sorensen
  • James S Tovey
  • Paulette J Werger
Mixed Media
  • Nancy E Adams
  • Loring Cheney
  • Cherie DeAugustinis
  • Kathleen Dustin
  • Angie Follensbee-Hall
  • Adele Sanborn
Musical Instruments
  • Alan Carruth
Non-Metal Jewelry
  • Deb Fairchild
  • Ritvaliisa Ojanen
  • Maureen Redmond-Scura
  • Denise Kirk
  • Adele Sanborn
  • Carol Van Loon
Polymer Clay
  • Kathleen Dustin
  • Victoria Elbroch
  • J. Ann Eldridge
  • Catherine Green
  • Linda Mahoney
Wood Furniture
  • Stephen C Barlow
  • Peter Bloch
  • Peter Maynard
  • Roger Myers
Wood Objects
  • Art Anderson
  • Donna Zils Banfield
  • Peter Bloch
  • Alan Carruth
  • Cherie DeAugustinis
  • Claude Dupuis
  • Dan Dustin
  • Cynthia Ellis
  • James McLaughlin
  • Gabriel Parker