Request a Critique

Are you considering a path in the field of craft and want to connect with master craftsmen to receive feedback for your work?
The League of NH Craftsmen offers the opportunity for you to sit down with three master craftsmen working in your medium for a one hour, constructive critique session. These sessions are helpful during any stage of your creative process – as a beginner looking for ways to grow and improve your craft, or for a seasoned craftsmen looking for ways to expand and develop new approaches to their work.

A productive critique session begins with a review of 8-12 examples of your work. The session provides you with an opportunity to present a list of questions to the master craftsmen to gain insight and feedback on your process, and to reflect on practical as well and meaningful aspects of your creative process.

A critique session is also a wonderful stepping stone toward becoming a member of the League. If you are considering having your work juried as a potential League member but are not sure if your work has reached that level of professional achievement, a critique session provides important feedback to help you prepare for the jurying process.

Critique sessions are offered in the Fall and in the Spring. Please note that to obtain full background information on your process and craft, we do use the same application which is utilized for our jury sessions, but the fee for a Critique is just $25.

To be put on our schedule, sign up using the online application HERE.
*Please note that we are currently holding our Spring 2023 Critique and Jury sessions, and are no longer accepting applications for this time frame. To request a critique in Fall 2023, please submit the application no later than September 17, 2023.*

If you have questions about the critique session process please reach out to Rachel Montroy at: rmontroy@nhcrafts.edu