Critique Information

Are you considering a path in the field of craft and want to connect with master craftsmen to receive feedback for your work? Or are you considering juried membership but aren’t sure if you’re ready to apply yet?

Critique applications for Spring 2024 are now CLOSED. Critique sessions take place bi-annually in March and October. The application has been removed and will be available again at the end of February for Fall 2024 sessions.

A critique session with League jurors is helpful during any stage of your creative process – as a beginner looking for ways to grow and improve your craft, or for a seasoned craftsmen looking for ways to expand and develop new approaches to their work.

During a session, jurors will review and discuss 8-12 examples of your work.  You’ll have an opportunity to present questions to the jurors to gain insight and feedback on your process, and to reflect on practical as well and meaningful aspects of your creative process.

A critique session is also a wonderful stepping stone toward becoming a member of the League. If you are considering having your work juried as a potential League member but are not sure if your work has reached that level of professional achievement, a critique session provides important feedback to help you prepare for the jurying process.

To become a juried member of the League, you must be a resident of New Hampshire or reside in a town in Maine, Massachusetts, or Vermont that has part of its town limits within ten miles of the New Hampshire border.

Please carefully review the MEDIA GUIDELINES and STANDARDS POLICIES.

If you have any questions about where and if your work fits into the League jury process, contact jury@nhcrafts.org BEFORE submitting an application.