Craft Apprentice Program

The League of NH Craftsmen, in partnership with the Maine Crafts Association (MCA), is excited to announce its second year of participation in the Craft Apprentice Program (CAP). CAP is an in-studio educational opportunity for apprentices who demonstrate a commitment to further their abilities as craft artists. They accomplish this through a significant relationship with a mentor artist.

Congratulations to the seven inspiring 2024 CAP apprenticeship pairs! Maine Crafts Association and the League of NH Craftsmen look forward to supporting your apprenticeships and following along as you further develop and grow your technical skills, artistic voices, business prowess, studio management, mentoring relationships and community!

Read more about the 2024 CAP program in the original press release from Maine Crafts HERE.


Meet the Mentors + Apprentices 2024

Al Jaeger + Tejas Moses: Deerfield, NH

This clay-based apprenticeship will focus on learning the end to end process of hand built wood fired ceramics. Through guided experimentation, apprentice Tejas Moses will further develop his technique for hand built forms while sourcing and creating glazes using raw materials. Tejas will also establish a self sustaining regimen of creativity based on regularity, using a sketchbook that will be reviewed weekly, and lastly, to develop a broad and deep understanding of ceramic history so that his contemporary work is contextualized, inspired, and enriched. This will be accomplished through 100 hours of guidance in their shared studio space, available 24 hours per day, as well as gallery and museum visits.

Andy Glenn + Tyler Sheaffer: Waldoboro, ME + Acworth, NH

This wood-based apprenticeship will combine New Hampshire apprentice Tyler Sheaffer’s passion of basket weaving with designing and making ladderback chairs alongside Maine mentor artist Andy Glenn. Together they will dive deeper into the process of constructing a contemporary green-wood, low back chair, along with learning the advanced techniques of constructing a grand rocker (both with hickory seats of Andy’s design), and lastly drafting plans for a third chair which builds upon the knowledge of the first two chairs, completely of Tyler’s design. The pair will accomplish this through 100 hours of one-on-one training at Andy’s woodshop in Waldoboro, Maine.

Liz Grace + Alice Ogden: Plymouth + Franklin, NH

This wood-based apprenticeship will focus on the skills needed to construct 12 lightweight, wooden oval forms, which will be used by apprentice Alice Ogden to create her woven baskets. Alice first wants to further develop her basic woodworking skills and knowledge of tools, next, learning the technique of inlay, and lastly, implementing the design steps into action, and creating a basket from the form with an inlay pattern. Alice will accomplish this through 100 hours of guidance with mentor artist Liz Grace and extensive in-studio training at Liz’s wood studio in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Alice Seeger + Jieun Park Stehly: Belfast + Searsport, ME

This fiber-based apprenticeship will do a deep dive into the foundation of textiles. Apprentice artist Jieun wants to learn about, and take part in all phases of creating a final woven product; from how the fleece is collected, cleaned, dyed, carded, blended and spun, and then woven into a finished garment. Jieun will also repurpose prior woven twill swatch studies to make a variety of finished products which she will design, cut, and sew into smaller utilitarian objects. Lastly, she hopes to create key pieces of clothing and/or a wall hanging piece that show a cohesive theme and tell a story. She will accomplish this through 100 hours of guidance with mentor artist Alice Seeger and extensive in-studio training at Belfast Fiberarts in Belfast, Maine, a retail shop & weaving studio.

Jim Macdonald + Gracie Karl: Burnham + Portland, ME

This wood based apprenticeship will focus on building a fully functional and finely crafted solid body electric guitar. The instruction will focus on several important aspects of luthiery – Developing technical skills that assure high quality, creating accurate patterns that will allow for repeatability in small scale production, and strengthening Gracie’s artistic vision and voice. Jim and Gracie will accomplish these goals through 100 hours of one-on-one training at Jim’s studio in Burnham, Maine.

Lissa Hunter + Meghan Hall: Portland + Poland, ME

This fiber-based apprenticeship will focus on the creation of a complete line of unique textile items and business plans for a successful career in craft. Apprentice artist Meghan Hall seeks to expand her current repertoire of skills and techniques, by methods of experimentation, research and conversation with Lissa. Meghan also hopes to learn more about the environmental impacts of textiles and move forward with a more sustainable craft practice. Lissa and Meghan will spend 100 hours of one-on-one guidance, reflection and training in Lissa’s Portland studio.


Lynn Duryea + Ann McClellan: South Portland + Camden, ME

This ceramic-based apprenticeship will advance artist Ann McClellan’s knowledge of the medium through skill refinement and concept development. Ann is seeking to learn more about surface decoration and glazing techniques, as well as form-making skills and kiln firing. Ann is interested in expanding a professional network both within and beyond Maine. Lynn and Ann will spend 100 hours of one-on-one training in the artist’s studios, as well as scheduled visits to relevant ceramic artists’ studios.


2024 Craft Apprentice Program Apprenticeship Pairs:

  • Al Jaeger with Apprentice Tejas Moses (NH, Ceramics)
  • Alice Seeger with Apprentice Jieun Park Stehly (ME, Fiber)
  • Andy Glenn with Apprentice Tyler Sheaffer (ME + NH, Wood)
  • Jim Macdonald with Apprentice Gracie Karl (ME Wood)
  • Lissa Hunter with Apprentice Meghan Hall (ME, Fiber)
  • Liz Grace with Apprentice Alice Ogden (NH, Wood)
  • Lynn Duryea with Apprentice Ann McClellan (ME, Ceramics)