Next Generation Program

The Next Generation (Next Gen) is a youth mentoring program that pairs aspiring craftsmen (mentees) with a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen (mentors.) The program provides a well-rounded experience for those interested in a potential career as a professional craftsman. One of the many benefits of the program includes the ability to participate in the Annual Craftsmen’s Fair with a sales space in the Next Gen Tent.

Mentees help define their learning path with their mentor, which includes:

  • Advancing existing skills in a current area of interest or developing skills in a new area of craft.
  • Learning about the “business” of being a craftsman, including things like:
    • How to price their craftwork
    • Creating a display that showcases their skill.
    • Planning how to build inventory for a show, and more.

The Next Gen tent at the Fair is operated by the young artists themselves. It is a hands-on learning experience that nurtures skills and self-esteem, which in turn foster successful future career aspirations.

Mentee Applicants

If you are interested in participating in the Next Generation Program, please fill out the appropriate application below. The program coordinator will then contact you.

Juried Member Mentor Applicants

If you are a Juried Member of the League of NH Craftsmen and are interested in becoming a Next Generation Mentor, please fill out the form on this page and the program coordinator will contact you.