I make silent steel talk. I cut with band saw, scroll saw, plasma torch. Sanders, grinders, abrasive flap wheels do their work. I access the unborn, unseen world, and something is created, taking shape in paper, wood, steel, expressing itself, desiring its own birth, now here for you and I to behold and contemplate. My art is an exploration, an exploration that leaves in its wake a record that others can behold. This is one of art’s gifts to the world, this record left behind, this inner journey revealed. Here the viewer can take their own journey through the magical realms of shape, color and form, taking delight in the unexpected, this is new territory here, and it fills the imagination. Art for me is an improvisational dance, its movement caught on paper, wood and steel. The movement is born out of my love of rhythm and form, coming mysteriously out of an unknowing frame of mind. In the moment of creation, something is happening, something is being born. I watch as I draw with pen or cut with saw, an impromptu dance, here fluid motion, now staccato, twisting, turning, stopping, starting, watching as the wonderful forms appear.