Hardwood Salad Serving Forks

Handcrafted salad forks in your choice of hardwood

Approximately 8 1/2″ long

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Sold by North Conway
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I have been a woodworker for thirty-five years. I enjoy the warmth of wood and bringing it to a “second life” in my work. Stools: On my basic stool I added faceting on the turned legs for more visual interest. I was also inspired to design a hand carved tractor seat stool and a three-rung stool with a textured “dimpled” seat that is achieved by using a bent gouge in a spiral fashion on the hardwood top. Kitchen utensils: These are primarily my own design and I take pleasure in using my own hands to create a utensil that is distinctive. The spiral handle on the spreaders are unique and I hand carve myself. I try to use only wood for these utensils from downed trees from the great NH woods.
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