Framed “Keep Looking for the Bluebirds” Fabric Collage


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All of my work is composed of small pieces of fabric. Fabric is my paintbrush! My interpretation of any particular subject is intuitive where I combine color and design as I “see” it in an art form, not necessarily realism. I often use colors and fabric designs/patterns that are not seen in Nature, but that I feel intuitively work well together. I was first State juried in the League in Fiber Art about 30+ years ago, and was, at that time, told that I have good color sense. My first works were men’s ties and ladies’ pins. I am now producing framed collage art pieces and enjoy the challenge of creating works of art that can be displayed in a home. All of the matting and glass and other components used in the framing process are archival. The glass is museum quality non-reflective glass that does not detract from the piece and also acts as a dust cover, as these pieces are not meant to be laundered. I prefer to use antique frames, when at all possible, because of their unique characteristics.
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