Loon Family #3


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My interest in photography began quite a few years ago, probably as a complement to my work as a musician, which I’ve always approached visually. Though I do some wildlife, I’ve gravitated toward mountain landscapes, intent on capturing those moments and conditions that few manage to experience. I view this as similar to wildlife photography in that the aim is to grab a moment where the right elements intersect in some compelling way. For me this entails hiking, perhaps fairly long distances, often in the dark, sometimes backpacking for several days in the wilderness; and usually involves a lot of waiting. When creating a print, my allegiance is to my eye rather than my camera, so I place a higher priority on representing what I saw and felt than I do on rendering exactly what the camera recorded. As a musician, I’ve composed many scores for television including fifteen seasons of PBS Scientific American Frontiers, hosted by Alan Alda, and several in the NOVA series. I also teach at Berklee College of Music in Boston and operate a recording studio at my residence in Ashland, NH.
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