Woodfired Mug


Earthy wood-fired mug with toasty golden hues and rich luscious glazes

3 1/2″ tall x 3″ in diameter at the rim

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Sold by North Conway
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My pottery is functional hand-thrown stoneware. In 2000 I graduated with a BFA in Ceramics and throwing pots has been a life force for me even since. The complexity and simplicity of my surroundings is something my eyes and my fingers must experience and I intend to incorporate that energy and balance while still embracing the function of each form. I utilize the glazes to enhance the surface of each piece making each one unique to touch and to look at. Through the process of making pottery, with it passing through my hands from my favorite state of wet clay, to a finished glazed piece, I can only hope that each one tells its own story and feels right to the person using it.
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