Scrap Metal Wall Sculpture


Sculptural, found-object, animal head wall-hanging with green glass eyes

10 3/4″ x 10″ x 1″

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Sold by North Conway
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Self-taught and always learning, it’s humbling when people say they love my pieces, but when they discover they’re made with old tools and antique metals, that’s the fun part. Taking a forgotten piece of trash, no longer deemed useful, and forming it into a sculpture to be seen and enjoyed by many, now that’s satisfying. Giving a new life to discarded metal is just one part of the process. Picking through piles of scrap metal destined to be melted down, searching for finds at flea markets or yard sales, or simply the side of the road, the hunt and the creation is all about the shape. Finding those pieces with interesting or odd shapes is like finding treasure.
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