2019 Annual Ornament “Tidings of Joy” by Meggin Dossett


Hand formed and cast in pewter, the 2019 Annual Ornament, Tidings of Joy hangs from a sheer green ribbon and is approximately 4″ from beak to tail feather!
Flat-rate shipping is used when the ornament is sent to you.  To ensure correct shipping costs, PLEASE only use the drop down menu to order multiples.  You will be charged $9 to ship up to twelve ornaments in one package.  Thirteen to thirty ornaments ship for $15 in one package.  If you use the number keys instead of the drop down menu, the system will charge you shipping as if each ornament were being sent separately.  For orders larger than thirty ornaments, please call us at League HQ and we will work with you to determine the most cost effective shipping available.

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