Sugilite and Sterling Leaves Necklace


Sterling silver necklace featuring stems with leaves, and a sugilite cabochon

Stone: 5/8″ height x 7/16″wide

Silver Leaf Stems: 1 3/8″ long x 5/8″ wide (each)

15-17″ adjustable chain

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Sold by North Conway
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Lisa Scala's unique collection of handmade jewelry reflects a life-long passion for art and natural beauty. Inspired by her observation and love of nature, each of her designs is infused with spiritual meaning and a connection to the natural world. A recognized jewelry artist for more than 30 years, Lisa holds a degree in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Maine College of Art. She has received awards from multiple arts organizations, and her work has been featured at high-end galleries across North America. Lisa designs and crafts her jewelry at her studio in Georgetown, Massachusetts.
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