“Old Oak Tree” Stained Glass


Richly colored stained glass panel with bronze patina

28 1/4″ x 11 1/4″

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Sold by North Conway
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I enjoy expressing myself through natural and interior light. My stained glass panels, lamps and fire screens become more than utilitarian as they release color and form into the spaces that we live in. The colored lights of Stained Glass add emotion to the atmosphere: golden warmth, soothing blues, or vibrant purples. Stained Glass dramatizes interior spaces by projecting onto existing floors and walls. I carefully consider how the glass will look not only under bright light but also during the changes of morning, noon, evening and night. Varying textures, iridescence, wirework and jewels catch the light at many angles to create depth. My designs are not confined to traditional geometric shapes. Their unexpected angles and organic swirls move in and out of the frame, energizing the composition. Taking a creative approach to an ancient medium makes the works satisfying to craft and a joy to own.
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