Hummingbird Stained Glass


A hummingbird with blossoms in a beautiful piece of colorful stained glass

11″ diameter

In stock

Sold by North Conway
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After moving to NH in 1975, we became taken by the “back to the earth” movement and bought a log cabin on 7 acres. We had a garden and orchard and raised chickens and bees. When adding two additions to our cabin, a stained glass lamp over our dining table seemed just the right touch. I had confidence in my skills with my hands, color selection, etc. so I enrolled in a course to learn the basic skills of the stained glass craft. By the end of the course I had completed the lamp and was totally hooked on my new hobby. I was juried by the League of NH Craftsmen in 1983 and now sell my work in nine galleries and six League shops.
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