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Nancy Evans is a fiber artist inspired by the natural world around her. She lives in South Sutton, N H, and has been actively creating and teaching for over 20 years.Nancy works primarily creating nuno felted wearables from wool and silk. Her work is very organic and free form with lots of texture, negative spaces, and asymmetric hems and edges. She felts vests, jackets, scarves, and neck wear.Nancy also uses botanical printing to further enhance her work. Textiles are treated with a mordant, local leaves and other foliage are placed on silk or wool wearables, and the pieces are steamed or boiled in a bundle. This results in the leaves imparting their natural color and imprint on the fabric and creating one of a kind works of art.Nancy’s work can be found in many of the League of NH Craftsmen galleries throughout New Hampshire and at the annual Craftsmen’s Fair.
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