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Refunds and Adjustments

If the payment to the League of NH Craftsmen (LNHC) is in connection with a Card sale, LNHC will process any refund or adjustment within 3 days of receiving the customer’s request for such refund/adjustment that has been approved by LNHC or its affiliated stores. If the payment to LNHC is a cash or check sale, LNHC will reimburse the customer within 30 calendar days by cash or check.

In the case of a Card sale, the amount of the refund/adjustment will not exceed the amount shown as the total on the original Sales Data except by the exact amount. In addition, LNHC wil not accept cash or any other payment or consideration from a customer in return for preparing a refund to be deposited to the Cardholder’s account nor to give cash refunds to a Cardholder in connection with a Card sale, unless required by law.