My love for working with clay began in the late 1960’s. I received a BFA in ceramics from the University
of Massachusetts in 1977. I have explored so many different ways to work with clay and I enjoy it all but
in the mid 1970’s I discovered colored clay and this eventually became my main focus. For the past 40
years I have been sharing my passion for clay through teaching classes and workshops as well as showing
my work in galleries and at shows.
With nature’s influence evident throughout my work, I create contemporary functional and non-
functional work. Handbuilding with layered colored porcelain unifies my exploration of form, color and
pattern. I strive to convey a sense of inquisitiveness through fluid repetition akin to the movement of a
swimming fish or the intricate patterns of a flower or a shell, taking my cues from a walk along the ocean
or a pause in the garden. Working toward this goal over the years I have developed increasingly complex
color combinations and patterns to combine with compatible forms.

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