Paulette Werger (Hanover, NH) makes jewelry, vessels, and flatware that draw upon botanical imagery, mythology, and folk tales. Her neckpieces, rings, earrings and beads combine a variety of materials including gold, silver, pewter, hand cut gems and pearls. Paulette received her B.S. in painting and sculpture from the College of Saint Rose and Skidmore College in NY, and her M.F.A. in Art Metal from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Kristine Lane (Andover, NH) has been working as a studio jeweler for more than 20 years. She studied painting, drawing, and sculpture at Boston University’s two-year Fine Art Core Program, and discovered metalsmithing while pursuing a bachelor of fine arts degree in jewelry design at Virginia Commonwealth University.). “I was hooked instantly to the inherent strength of metal and the associated challenges of working and manipulating it to create delicate forms,” said Lane.

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