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I can remember being fascinated with stained glass windows and especially lampshades when I was a young girl. I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to apprentice at Wildwood Stained Glass Studio in Denver Colorado, in 1977, for a period of one year. I learned about glass design and technique and have been creating my own style since then.
In 1996, I studied glass fusing and started working with “dichroic” glass. I began designing my own line of dichroic glass jewelry. I have received instruction in jewelry making and metalworking. This enables me to combine sterling silver and glass for an unusual and unique look.
In 2001 I attended several instructional workshops to increase my knowledge of kiln “forming”. I have since added fused glass plates, bowls and other items to my product line. Nature and light inspire many of my designs. The brilliant and ever-changing colors of the glass are also inspiring. All of my original designs are created in my New Hampshire home studio.


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