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Creating original contemporary designs, Christiane makes custom fabricated jewelry using 18k yellow and white gold, sterling silver and an array of natural pearls and stones. Using a wide variety of techniques including soldering, embossing and forging, Christiane designs her unique jewelry right in her home. In addition to these methods, Christiane also works with a mouth-blown torch, fusing layers of sterling silver and gold to create innovative geometric designs. This process allows Christiane to have a personal connection with her work as she literally breathes life into it. Christiane studied at the Kunsthandwerk Schule in Munich, Germany and apprenticed at the studio “Eidel” under the influence of artists Askan and Petra Hertwig. Varied travels landed her in Maine, where she further honed her innovative style under the tutelage of Etienne Perret and other renowned designers. Her original contemporary designs resonate in each artistic creation via a variety of mediums: 18K royal yellow gold, 18K palladium white gold, 14K gold and sterling silver along with an array of natural high quality pearls and stones. Each piece is hand fabricated and formed out of sheet, wire or tubing. Christiane is a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.

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