The Permanent Collection of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen is designed to be a select representative collection of items created by members of the League that documents the history of the League by preserving examples of the best work of its members over a period of time. Since the League has limited storage space, and is dependent upon gifts from collectors and/or craftsmen, items can be accepted only after a careful review by the League’s staff and Permanent Collection Advisory Committee based on the criteria outlined below.

The craftsman must be, or have been, a member of the League. Other factors to be taken into account include: length of membership; participation in Living With Craft and/or Juried Show; other recognition by the League (e.g., Lifetime Achievement Award recipient); participation in major national juried craft shows; state/national/international reputation; other awards and honors; and representation in museum collections.

The piece must have been made while the craftsman was a member of the League. Other factors to be taken into account include: quality; condition (a piece must be undamaged and in pristine condition); maintenance and storage requirements; representation of his/her body of work; awards (e.g., Living With Craft or Juried Show); available documentation; relationship to other items in same medium in Permanent Collection.

Normally the League will seek to include one piece by a craftsman in the Permanent Collection. Exceptions may be made in the case of an artist with recognized national/international status, or of a well-established artist whose high-quality work has undergone significant changes over the course of his/her career.

If a piece by a current member of the League is being donated by another person, the creator will be notified and asked for permission for it to be included in the Permanent Collection. Ultimately the decision to add an item to the Permanent Collection must rely on the informed judgment of the staff of the League and its Permanent Collection Advisory Committee. 

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