Archives & Library

The Grodin Permanent Collection Museum

The history of craft comes alive in our Craft Museum, named in honor of Edith Grodin, a dedicated patron and supporter for more than 35 years. Visitors will marvel at the extraordinary array of craft pieces from the League’s early years to the present, including masterworks from world-renowned craftspeople such as master potters Mary and Edwin Scheier and Vivika and Otto Heino, and woodcrafters Melvin and Mark Lindquist.

Stop by our Concord headquarters and tour the museum or view the collection online and learn how craft has evolved.

If you are interested in donating a piece of fine craft to the Grodin Permanent Collection Museum, please contact us at (603) 224-3375.

The Kira Fournier Library Resource Center

Craftspeople, hobbyists, researchers, scholars and community members have access to the League’s Kira Fournier Library Resource Center, a treasure-trove of more than 2,000 crafts-related books and periodicals. The library is available for use by current juried and supporting members of the League during our office hours, Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Archives

The League also maintains craft-related archival material of more than 4,000 photographs, slides, newsletters and newspaper clippings available for research, by appointment, by League members and the general public.

Archival material includes extensive documentation of the League’s history as an arts organization from its earliest years and into the 21st century, including Directors’ files, meeting notes, member lists, correspondence, fund drives, annual reports, and much, much more. Please call the League office if you wish to research a topic – 603-224-3375 x 0.

The papers, in print and on the computer, are open for research with no restrictions placed upon them by the League other than a proper citation in both unpublished and published works.

Annual Report

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