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Lulu Fichter

Juried Member Since 2003

What has brought me back to the studio year after year, what keeps me curious and excited is the inherently contradictory nature of clay. I have found living and working in the space between clay’s opposites to be a challenge that continues to motivate me. Clay is cool and moist yet requires the fiery heat of the kiln. It’s soft and malleable yet rigid and brittle. Clay is inert and inorganic, a mixture of silica and aluminas, yet it is also in some ways alive and unpredictable. Clay is crude, ancient, even pre-historic, but it’s also refined and modern. It’s a medium for the functional and the frivolous, for the utilitarian and the sumptuous, for the classical and the avant-garde. All of my work is porcelain. I love the raw beauty of the white throughout the whole process. Whether throwing, pinching, slicing, piercing, or embossing, the sensual feel of porcelain enhances the experience. Achieving grace of line and form is paramount to me creatively, and I find that working in white allows me to focus on obtaining that end.