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Ian Clark

Juried Member Since 2018

Back about 1972, Ian pointed his Kodak Brownie at a locomotive and pushed the button. Finding that no harm came to him, he went on to repeat the exercise something like 100,000 times. He’s traveled the US and Canada and even ventured to Inner Mongolia searching for trains. There are roughly 140 operating steam engines in the US, Ian is well on the way to photographing all of them, as well as contemporary railroads.The last few years have also found Ian creeping through forests or sneaking through swamps looking for wildlife to photograph. He’s spent several hundred hours photographing loons around New England.Ian’s career started in photo labs. He’s processed something like 10,000 of E-6 (Ektachrome) film and hundreds of acres of photo paper, working in labs around the country. These days, he lives with his wife – a former NY Daily News Picture Editor – in West Newbury, VT.