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Erica Pfister

Juried Member Since 1987

I have been weaving rugs as a member of the League of NH Craftsmen since 1988. I design and weave all the rugs myself, by hand, on a four-harness floor loom, using the finest quality materials: sturdy linen and wool, which I hand dye with natural dyes. By packing the wool very tightly and braiding the linen warp ends, I create durable rugs. I also now weave pillows with the same wool as my rugs. Experimenting with color and design, making “one of a kind” rugs is enjoyable to me. I find the ancient Norwegian weaving technique – Krokbragd or “crooked path”, used in my rugs especially enables me to do this. I like using weaving as a form of art with which I can produce sturdy, useful products.