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Dan Abramson

Juried Member Since 2002

I recognize our human need for functional beauty in our everyday lives, and I believe I help fill that need through my work. Although my work has been called conservative, tasteful and tight, I feel it is balanced, at times playful, and always a joy to create. I enjoy all aspects of the creative process, from problem identification to final design execution.

My design sense evolves from constantly observing and absorbing visual relationships and technical solutions as they exist in our natural and built environments. No particular furniture period or style is a dominant influence, however, one may observe a variety of traditional furniture forms in my work. I synthesize these and other influences, such as elements of nature as well as art created in other media, into cohesive, integrated solutions to individual design problems through the design process. This process involves research, sketching, measured drawing, modeling and refining. The function and construction of a piece, as well as the characteristics of the material, are always central to that process.

My designs are executed using a variety of traditional hand and machine techniques, yielding work of structural integrity and functional durability. My work is pleasing to the eye and to the touch, and it is as pleasurable to live with as it is to create.