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Asa Dustin

Juried Member Since 2023

Asa Dustin is a second generation spoon carver. Asa was born and raised in a log cabin in the woods without electricity or running water. His father, Dan Dustin, built that log cabin by hand. He also taught Asa how to find spoons in the twists and turns of Lilac wood and Mountain Laurel. Asa uses a mallet and fro to split the spoon from the billet. He shapes the spoon using a hatchet, bent knives, and spoke-shaves. Many of these tools are antique heirlooms. He fires the spoons in walnut oil and beeswax to harden and preserve the wood. He finishes with sand paper and citrus. Asa often leaves the anterior surface of the spoon untouched by tools, preserving the natural expression. Each spoon is unique and serves its purpose in the kitchen or dining room. Asa intends his spoons to elevate the cooking and eating experience.