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Lisa Laughy

Juried Member Since 2015

I am a traditional wood carver with a strong background in design and painting with over fifteen years of carving experience. My wood carving process involves working with traditional hand tools; my use of power tools is minimal. I use a band saw or router to cut the initial shape of the wood but all of the carving work is completed using hand tools. This method creates a carving that is finished from the tool, without any sanding, leaving a subtle rippled texture on the surface. I prefer this quiet, unplugged method of wood working, creating a finished piece that reflects the time and contemplation invested in creating it.

I am also juried as a mixed media artist in collage and bookbinding. Whenever I approach a new mixed media project I begin with something old: An antique book with a broken spine, engraved images from an earlier century, marbled paper made by forgotten hands, an old postage stamp or paper currency long out of circulation. I add messages and meaning using ancient alphabets and runes, symbols of forgotten magic encoded using unfamiliar letterforms. Then I combine these elements with an idea or a feeling and distill their essence, using symbols old and invented, dreams shared and unfamiliar, and I tell my story as if it belongs to all of us.