Jury Information

To become a juried member of the League, you must be a resident of New Hampshire or reside in a town in Maine, Massachusetts, or Vermont that has part of its town limits within ten miles of the New Hampshire border.

Please carefully review the MEDIA GUIDELINES and STANDARDS POLICIES.

If you have any questions about where and if your work fits into the League jury process, contact jury@nhcrafts.org BEFORE submitting an application.

Jury applications for Fall 2024 are now OPEN. Jury sessions will take place bi-annually in March and October.

All attempts are made to accommodate requests for jury sessions. Ultimately jury sessions are determined by applicant and juror availability and a minimum of 3 applicants and 2 jurors are required to host sessions in that particular media. In the event that the minimum number of applicants/jurors are not available, juries for that media may be postponed until the next season of sessions.

CLICK HERE to apply for a Jury Session.

All craftspeople need to complete the jury process and meet League standards for creativity, innovation and technical expertise. Three results are possible following a jury session: full acceptance, conditional acceptance, or deferment.

Master-level craftspeople in your medium serve as League jurors to ensure you meet the level of expertise required for juried membership. Once fully accepted, you are eligible to participate in the League’s marketing and educational opportunities, networking and exhibitions.

Some of the most sought after opportunities include marketing your craft in the Fine Craft Galleries around the state, exhibiting at the Exhibition Gallery at League Headquarters in Concord, participating in our exhibitions at the Annual Craftsmen’s Fair, and having a booth at the Fair.

As a newly juried craftsman you join a community of your peers who, just like you, have attained a high level of expertise in their craft and are pursuing their creative goals with the support and encouragement of the League.

Annual dues for juried members are due upon acceptance and are $120 for individuals and $170 for partnerships.